the sanctuary

The Yoga Sanctuary is our home for practice

The Wisdom Sanctuary is our home for creating shift + evolution

Light Medicine
is the practice


1. a place of refuge or safety 
"his sons took sanctuary in the church"

2. a nature reserve
"a bird sanctuary"

3. a holy place; a temple or church
"the sanctuaries of Apollo and Athena"

    The practice of Yoga Nidra is a purposeful practice that leads us through a spiral inward - through the physical, emotional, energetic, mental, wisdom and bliss bodies toward our most innate sense of self. Through this journey, we may find purpose and the peace that passes understanding.

    We start by applying skillful and intentional movement to the many joints of the physical body and continue our journey from there.

    This is Dharma.

    As we make a conscious choice to actively be a co-participant with the trajectory of our life path, repetitive cycles begin to emerge. Patterns we recognize that have been playing out for as long as we can remember.

    Through 1:1 guidance using many modalities, including Jyotisha, we will look at these repetitive patterns to try to determine how to best engage with them and allow our inner wisdom to emerge. 

    This is Karma.